Northwich Woodlands

Ashton's and Neumann's Flashes

The most recent area of land to be reclaimed and the final phase of the Strategic Programme of Reclamation, Ashton's and Neumann's Flashes are excellent areas for shorter walks or including in wider circular walks of the area.

Its industrial history has left a legacy of unique site conditions that allow many unusual species to thrive; the presence of salt has allowed several seaside plants to establish, whilst the areas recent industrial use as lime beds allow other species such as the rare dingy skipper butterfly to thrive. A variety of bird species including waders and water fowl add further interest making this area an important location for all nature lovers. Visitors can view the wildlife from three new bird hides, (wheelchair accessible).

There is a circular multi-user route ideal for family walking, cycling or gentle horse riding. All paths link in with routes in the wider Northwich Woodlands area.

Parking (at Witton Mill Cark Park Vehicle height restrictions of 2.2m apply)
Access for all routes
  Multi-user routes
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