Northwich Woodlands


Different forms of Art have allowed people to not only be involved but to care for and have a greater understanding of their environment. The artwork that can be found in the woods at Marbury and Anderton creates interest and atmosphere, reflects the area's cultural and industrial heritage, and captures the imagination in ways that plantations of young trees may not. Artists have worked with schools and local groups to come up with sculptural pieces that interpret wildlife, history or are just lovely to look at, and functional artwork - benches and gateways that also have stories to tell if you stop to look and explore around them!

In addition to these forms of art, timber and woodland by-products contribute to a range of woodland crafts. Local wood-turners and special interest groups have been able to utilise these to help an economic product come out of the woodland whilst often training or teaching in workshops local people how to make and use interesting crafts.

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