Northwich Woodlands


Much of the landscape work in the Northwich Woodlands is now now completed and vital links between the sites are either in place or soon to be realized. The woodlands have a rich heritage and its size and diversity of habitats make it unique. Sites such as Marbury Country Park and Anderton Nature Park and Boat Lift already attract large numbers of visitors. The challenge now is to build on this strong foundation and increase the Woodlands appeal to a broad audience. This will mean improving visitor facilities and providing information to increase access. It is important that all improvements are done in a sensitive manner ensuring that what makes the area special is conserved.

Having the Woodlands right on the door step of Northwich is a great asset for the Town. People can enjoy improved health through walking, cycling or simply enjoy being outdoors with the kids without a lengthy car journey. The Northwich Woodlands will aim to promote this aspect.

There will also be economic benefits through tourism and increasing the desirability of Northwich as a place to live and work. Building strong links with the Town and region will be a priority for the Partnership.

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